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MEDIA HONEYPOT / Business Enabler

–Matching executives with selected digital startups and growth companies–

There is a mismatch between media houses trying to find the perfect startups delivering innovative solutions on one hand and startups that struggle to approach the right contact in media houses on the other hand. It ́s time and cost-intensive, for both. Wasting time is expensive, your competition and your customers move fast.

We filter for you through the noise, who are the teams you should work with, who offers the next big thing, benchmark your current solutions and improve your business models.

We connect the ecosystem of media executives, startups, digital business owners, investors, accelerators and incubators to share their experience and learn from each other. Learn from the pitfalls and the success stories.

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Media Honeypot Concept

A stand alone Media Honeypot event is a 1,5-day summit tailored to the media & entertainment industry, the summit comprises of a stage programme in seminar style, matchmaking in Deal Room, pitching & networking. The event connects media companies seeking agile & innovative solutions to ‘plug-in’ to their business with the start-ups & scale-ups creating these innovative solutions.

The core objective of the summit is to matchmake the right senior media executives with pre-screened scale-ups and growth stage start-ups to enable business relations and partnerships. Through the Deal Room tool attendees screen other attendees´profile, pre-schedule efficient one-on-one 20 minutes business meetings with only relevant parties and connect to peers.

Quality: All startups and growth companies are pre-screened and evaluated. There is no other place where you find that level of innovation in one event and meet with only relevant companies for your media business. We also introduced a quota for each country which limits the amount of participation by each country to ensure the international flair and coverage of all markets.

Relevance: All present executives want to connect with teams that enable them to improve their current business models and find new revenue streams.

Connect with potential business partners in intense one-to-one meetings in the Deal Room, discuss and learn in the seminar sessions with international speakers and colleagues.

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The Startups / Our amazing startups

Are you an agile start-up or growth company with digital media or media business related services that are seeking improve business models and/or build new revenue streams for media companies? Then apply for discounted tickets to join us and meet with executives that are looking to work with you! ALL start-ups and scale-ups have to apply to gain access to discounted tickets.

We connect businesses, hence we ensure both parties meet with relevant contacts in an easy accessible surrounding.

Focus in your application on why a media company should work with you and what is your specific offering, even if you have solutions for other segments.


Our application process enables us to screen the start-ups and identify those that are of most interest to media executives to ensure that you meet relevant people who are interested in your business. A jury of industry experts will hand pick up to 75 companies and the successful applicants will be able to purchase discounted tickets.

The criteria is as follows:

  • Start-up, Scale-up, Growth Company
  • Video Tech, Ad Tech, Distribution Tech/OTT, VR & AR, Streaming, 360, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Data, Gamification, Entertainment, Content Curation, Blockchain/Micro Payments, Mobile Solutions, eSports.
  • Company has at least a minimum viable product
  • Ambitions to grow in other than current markets (int. growth strategy)

Application DEADLINE

Discounted Startup tickets until max 75 best cases are chosen. The amount is limited to 50 to keep the 50/50 ratio between media co´s and start-ups well balanced.

The quota for each country is: local market (place of event) max 20 startups, Nordic countries max 7/country, Central Europe max/country, Southern Europe max 7/country, Eastern Europe max 7/country.

Opening soon for next edition

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Tickets / choose the perfect ticket for you

Executive Ticket – First Mover


+ VAT 24 %
Till 30.9.2018
(Full price 695€ + VAT)

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Executive Dinner
Media Honeypot Stage Programme
Access to summit attendee profiles
Pre-screen attendees
Deal Room access
Deal Room briefing
Event preparation
One-on-one meetings
Networking reception + drinks

Executive Ticket – Changemaker


+ VAT 24 %
Till 30.11.2018
(Full price 695€ + VAT)

Max 200 executives for whole event

Executive Dinner
Media Honeypot Stage Programme
Access to summit attendee profiles
Pre-screen attendees
Deal Room access
Deal Room briefing
Event preparation
One-on-one meetings
Networking reception + drinks

Selected Start-ups & Scale-ups


+ VAT 24%

Max 75 Start-ups & Scale-ups

Only via application

Media Honeypot Stage Programme
Access to attendee profiles
Pre-screen attendees
Deal Room access
One-on-one meetings
Networking reception + drinks

Previous Event Speakers / meet with greaters

Antti Merilehto


Kaius Niemi

Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat

Vincent Nédée

Head of Sales Brands and Publishers, Spott

Ola Ahlvarsson

Entrepreneur. Change Maker. International Speaker. Moderator.

Anders Schäffner

Digital Product Manager, TV 2 Danmark

Kjetil Laumann

Product Owner, Aller

Laura Avonius

Vice President, Innovation & Internationalization, Data Refinery

Tero Ojanperä

CEO, Silo.AI

Steve El-Sharawy, EzyInsights

Head of Innovation

Matt Hann

Head of Finance, Channel 4

Trygve Refvem

Vice President Digital, MTG Norway

Tomas Franzén

CEO, Bonnier AB

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Startups & Growth Companies Excerpt of the approved startups and growth companies that joined previous Media Honeypot Helsinki 2018.

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Press Kit / Media Honeypot

Stage Content / Our topics

Gaming, esports & gamification

Esports is one of the most talked about subject in the games industry and the media business alike.  Behaviour and trends within gaming industry are also shaping the future of digital media as a whole and accelerating the disruption of traditional media. Therefore we bring together gaming and media that they learn and broaden their business perspective.

#CommunityManagement #Advertising #Gaming #Esports #Gamification

Video, video editing

We address  broadcasters, publishers, radio and platforms alike to connect, partner with each other and learn from each other. The transition for example from traditional print to digital makes publishers much more broadcaster savvy and blurs the lines of businesses. Around video, video editing or customer communication the needs of all media companies much more alike than differing.

#video #videotech



Media companies are expanding and branching out into new areas of businesses for which they need to partner with new solutions and find business models that support their current businesses.

At the same time content is king again and after outsourcing production the content production is moving in-house again.


Startup Corporate Collaboration

Partnerships | Cooperation | Investor Perspective | Incubators & Accelerators

There is no silver bullet to make a partnership between corporates and startup work but many ways to learn which path may be best choice for your own company. Discuss and connect to the players who have done it to find the best match according to your strategy.

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